Content building with the AIDA sales funnel

AIDA sales funnel MODEL

Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action

## Awareness / Attention##

The first hurdle for any piece of writing content is to capture the reader’s attention. To get their attention, you first have to start with a concept that’s deeply relevant and timely to the audience that you’re trying to reach. Here are some questions that you can start to ask yourself when you’re in the planning stages to help write an attention-grabber:
Who is reading this piece?
What kind of solution is this piece offering to their problem? Is it the introduction to an idea that could shift the way that they think about their lives, or a product that they can go out and buy? How, specifically, will it solve their issue?
How does my audience talk about their problems? What are powerful words or concepts that would immediately create resonance?
On that last point, let me give you an example. If you’re selling a skateboard to enthusiasts and you want to capture their attention, it’s important that you understand their internal language and approach. If your audience self identifies as “skater kids,” using that term in your headline or lead could capture their attention immediately.

EG:Search I want ________
Keyword or LSI Keywords


Submit your Infographics Overview

Top 20 Free Infographic Directories

There are a lot of options and things to consider when submitting to infographic directories/blogs. There are some that require registration, offer paid options, and more. Is the link follow or no follow? What is the anchor text? Even if the website offers no follow links, it can still help you build traffic. Below are the top 20 free infographic directories along with the answers to some of those questions.

While they are all free, some offer paid options to expedite approval process or for guaranteed placement. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of your options. For most of the options below, registration is not required, though you will have to provide a contact email.


Optimise Local Search Rankings

10  Strategies to Boost Your Local Search Rankings

1. Update Your Business’ Information
2. Fill Out the Local Listings
3. Create Some Buzz About Your Establishment
4. Get the Right Local Keywords and Make Good Use of Them
5. Ensure Your Website is Compatible with All Devices
6. Interact with Your Customers; Ask for Reviews
7. Make Good Use of Social Media
8. Visual Content is Important
9. Strictly Abide by Your Hours
10. Invest in a Mobile App

SEO dashboard

Google Analytics dashboards

Find these 8 amazing dashboards

1] Mobile commerce
2] The perfect ecommerce dashboard
3] Site performance dashboard
4] Blogger dashboard
5] Realtime overview dashboard
6] SEO dashboard
7] Content marketing dashboard
8] PPC dashboard
And resources to other great GA dashboards.



Webpage Rankings

  • Find a ranking solution
  • Find the opportunities

Organic search impressions and clicks

  • Prioritize by lowest CTR – Look for pages that have a large amount of Impressions, but low CTR.

Organic search share


  • Create and circulate a dashboard –  This should show the monthly year-over-year organic search trend, total visits, conversions, and revenue generated from the website.
  • Provide a holistic view of performance –  Also create a dashboard showing the organic search share against PPC and other online channels.


Landing page metrics

  • Order your analytics report – Do this by sorting by organic visit and note the pages with a high bounce rate
  • insure that the correct keywords are being targeted
  • List of landing pages

Most popular templates of landing pages

Average number of keywords per landing page

This helps to understand how well developed your “long tail” area of search is. The more unique keywords which drive traffic

Pageviews to organic visits ratio

Divide pageviews by organic search visits, and put in descending order

Indexed Pages

Conduct advanced site searches on Google for “” at all levels and /categories

Revenue per Search Visit

Divide revenue into organic search visits to establish dollars per search visit for each landing page

Conversion rate per keyword

Number of unique keywords that drive traffic

Top organic keywords seem to be obvious but are definitely worth taking into consideration.


Total organic traffic

Number of unique branding keywords that generate traffic

Keywords used in first / last visit in the purchasing process

Top profitable / popular keywords in different search engines

ROI of the SEO process

Branded to non-branded traffic


Read more:

12 Tips for great Landing Page

1. Be Specific

Your landing page should be laser targeted to a specific audience and action,  research shows that specific landing pages massively outperform generic pages and increase form submissions by 115%.

 2. Short or  convincing

For eBooks short and clear copy tends to work better
For higher priced products Landing Pages  with more content copy tend to work better , to convince visitors to buy the product.

3. Trust is vital to conversion

Your landing page and your ad need to be consistent with one another in both message, intention and media used. Visitor are more skeptic and will lose trust and thus lower the chance of converting to buy or sign up.

4. Limit outbound links

Stay conscious of how many links to other pages you may have in your landing page as this may break the users concentration or divert them else where and lower the probability of converting

5. Users are real people

Speak to your audience / visitors as though you where speaking to someone in person, and also bear in mind the audience and their technical skill in regard to the matter you are speaking about.
That is why creating customer personas is so important when creating copy for your landing page.

6. Headings

When creating your content copy for your landing page your headings and sub title heading are of absolute importance, and may be the turning point of success and failure.
As many people only tend to skim through the content but focus and read through the headings.
So before running the final ad campaign it is wise to A/B  or split test which headings and images work best.
Your headline must compel your  audience to keep reading, as it keeps the user reading.

7. Unique landing page per intent

Each landing page should be uniquely targeted to a specific intent, offer  or audience in a  marketing funnel. Don’t treat a landing page like an index page of your site, your index page server a different purpose to what a landing page does.

8. Remember SEO

This is what most new marketer tend to do, not paying attention to vital SEO practices when building  a landing page. even though most of the traffic will be through paid adversing, having a well structured page will make a difference especially pay attention to your page being, responsive to mobile devices, optimise images, page load speed and proper use of headings and short clear urls.

9. User’s Intent

Keep your focus on your audience’s initial intent of visiting your page,  remember to address his or her    frustrations, curiosities and desire.

10. User testimonials and social evidence

Adding testimonials to your landing page is a sure way of convincing the reader  that your product or service is well worth the asking price, as they to may feel that they can to relate to a certain testimonial or  have their doubts answered. Adding links or snippets of your presence on social media also server the same purpose

11. Answer the why

Don’t forget the features  and benefits statement in your copy to reassure the user why he, she should choose your product or service.

12. Pave the way

The user landed on your page to fulfill a certain purpose or goal.
Guide the user to the desired intention he or she had, pave the way with headings, messages of achieving their desired goal, trust signals and finally the CALL TO ACTION to make the purchase or sign up or what ever else the goal of the landing page may be.

The call to action button , link or form may be on various  places in a page depending on the action.
Most importantly it should be big and bold or crystal clear .