Elements to consider when updating old content which need an update or redesign

  1. Metadata: recheck the current search volume and CPC of keywords being used in these elements and
    1.1 update your title accordingly with the primary keyword you have found to be most relevant to your page
    1.2 Update your meta description again stick to the safe bet of 160 characters (up to 920 pixels.), and if
    google deems it needs more according to the specific search query it has space to add or change the description with the relevant content form the page
    1.3 Keywords: at your discretion, But it still doesn’t count for anything other than for the keyword density in the code.
  2. Open graph Protocol meta data your OG tags
    2.1 og:title This will be your title of the facebook post
    Objective: In bold so keep it interesting and compelling
    quota: Similar to your meta title : recommendation: 60 – 80 characters – Facebook will truncate after 88 characters.

SEO Evaluation for PR managers

SEO overview with PR publications

The objective would be to provide the most appropriate content to the targeted audience of that media type at the right time of placement.
So that search engines can identify new relevant content from these media channels and provide further useful information to the user regarding the search query and user’s intent.

The publication should influence the user with the correct message and help them take further action or fulfill their need.
The author of the publication / article should also have authority in the industry and therefor and introduction with the name, position, expertise and brand or company they are writing on behalf of would be beneficial. Knowing this the media channel should also appreciate your awareness and therefore be more open to collaborating with you.

What and how to write with SEO 14 Steps

1. Identify the primary keyword and secondary keywords to use to support the topic

2. Identify the search volume and CPC value of each keyword (also user interest and conversion value) so that we know which keyword has priority in the heading format and supporting content. [1]

3. Identify the user type (beginner, intermediate or advanced) to plan the style, quality and quantity and reading level required of content. [2]

4. Structure the keywords to use into headings of priority based on the factors mentioned above

5. Structure the content types and quantity required to support the headings, into:

Steps leading up to evangelism marketing

  1. People remember things because  of  HOW  it  made  them feel when it happened. No matter how significant the moment was. Thus it’s not the action which stuck in their minds but the emotion created within them when experiencing the moment.

That is good story telling and that’s your responsibility to portray within your writing no matter how boring the topic is…

If you can portray that emotion in your writing, that’s what makes you a good writer.

If you can get that emotion whether it be  an insight, help in understanding, answering a question they had, you have touched that emotion and thereby connected the brand to that emotion.

1- 11 Steps

Local SEO roundup

Local SEO has become vitally important for local businesses. Here are 10 steps to help you boost your Local SEO strategy.

Focus points 

  • Keyword targeting.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Content.
  • Links

Content factors for the site

  • Content.
    • Content written preferably by a local | Focused on localised keywords | Mentions of localised businesses and neighborhood
  • Links:
    •  Local SEO Directories | Local Related Niche sites | Local Editorial links | Chamber of Commerce sites | Local educational and government sites
  • On-page SEO:
    • High quality coding | Schema.org coding | Locally-optimized meta data | Locally-optimized URLs | Locally-optimized on-page copy