Amazon SEO for A9

Amazon Product Title: 250 character limit

Include your priority target keywords
Added value of the product
And product benefits

Product Images: Up to 9 images including a main image

Image should be at least 1000px in width and 500px with a
Plain white background not to distract the user’s attention from the product itself
Include a image of the product’s packaging
Show the product being used
Include a picture of the size and scale of the product in comparison to something common ie an iphone or body.

Key Product Features: The official character limit is 1000 characters

Answer the question the customer wants to know?,
Mention should they buy your product (adding value points),
Place the most important features at the top of the list,
Mention guarantees or warranty the product may have
Mention the material the product is made of
Mention how the product solves the customer’s need or problem adding an emoptional touch to it

Product Listing Description: 2000 characters

Take full advantage of this space.
Mention the content you have used in your ppc ads
Mention your unique selling points,
Mention the improvements done to the product and why your product is so special, including the materials used.
Mention any product features not mentioned above.
Mention any other keywords not mentioned above within readble context.
Use emotional content to sell your product.
Mention positive customer feedback you may have recently recieved, and the answers from negative feedback.
Insure your content is easily readable with the use of well formated sentences.
Answer frequently asked questions which you have seen in the reviews.
Don’t Stuff your content with keywords. Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon Product Rating

Notes from sellercentral Do not include price and quantity

Do not use ALL CAPS
Do not capitalize: Conjunctions (and, or, for) and Articles (the, a, an)
Prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with, etc.)
Do not include specific seller information
Do not include promotional messages such as “sale” or “free ship” (use the Promotion Manager tool to include messaging)
Do not use your seller name for Brand or
Manufacturer information, unless your product is Private Label
Do not include symbols in your listings, such as exclamation points (!), asterisks (*), dollar signs ($) and question marks (?)
Do not include subjective comments, such as ”Hot Item”, ”Best Seller”, or “Great Gift”
Do not include subjective comments, such as “Available in 3 Colors”
Do not include search terms in titles
Do not include a size or color name in a Parent title

Here are some best practices for providing keywords:

Don’t provide inaccurate, misleading, or irrelevant information such as competitor product, brand or author name, wrong gender, etc. Providing misleading or irrelevant information is against Amazon policy; your listing will be removed and your account will be suspended . Moreover, your product might end up in a wrong browse node and your sales might get affected.

Don’t provide excessively long content. Providing overly long content can violate Amazon selling policy. For more information, please see Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions. Respect the limits that are set for different fields.
Don’t provide redundant information that is already captured in other fields such as title, author, product description, bullet points, brand, etc. It won’t improve your product placement in search results.
When entering several words as a search term, put them in the most logical order. A customer is more likely to search for big stuffed teddy bears than for teddy stuffed bears.
Use a single space to separate keywords. No commas, semicolons, carets are required.
Don’t include statements that are only temporarily true, e.g., “new,” “on sale,” “available now”.
Don’t include subjective claims such as amazing, good quality. etc., as most customers don’t use subjective terms in their queries.

Don’t include common misspellings of the product name. Amazon’s search engine compensates for common customer misspellings and also offers corrective suggestions.
Don’t provide variants of spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and pluralization (“80GB” and “80 GB”, “computer” and “computers”, etc.). Our search engine automatically includes different case forms, word forms, and spelling variants for searching.

Don’t include terms that are abusive or offensive in nature.
Abbreviations, alternate names, topic (for books etc.), and key character (for books, movies etc.) could be included as keywords.