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Cfds – Featured Snippet Snatched

IG have done it again, managed to impress me with their execution of perfectly sculpted pages, and for the coveted keyword in the industry

cfds featured snippet

The featured snippet:  with ~200K searches, meaning this placement could be getting 70% of that search volume, for the keyword and we know the buyer intent is there with the CPC at £11.18

And semantically the same as CFD trading which an impressive CPC of £44 .

So looking closely at the featured snippet.

Elements to look at:

Word count:                       259 characters 42 words
Keyword density              cfd is mentioned 3 times with the semantics of the financial instruments

Content placement         within the 1st 500 words of the content

Heading and content      Closely related keyword and as a question, the supporting content is concise and

Contextual placement   Beneath very similar content, and again a heading with a question and content answering that question.
Above a video ( rich media format) and a internal linking navigation to other relevant content regarding the seed keyword cfds

And again with the same content formatting question in the heading and concise copy  following.

Supporting Images          in the FS, all 3 images are from the same page with is a supporting signal that this piece of content is exceptionally relevant.




Keyword density of the featured snippet content

A contract for difference (CFD) is a financial derivative. CFDs enable you to speculate on rising or falling prices without taking ownership of the underlying asset, and can be used to trade a range of markets including shares, forex, indices and commodities.