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Get a keyword research report for 3 keywords

Keywords are essential for search engine optimisation and dictates the content of the site and essentially the information you provide your audience which justifies the quality of your leads and customers.

The exclusive keyword research report includes:

  1. Search volume of the keyword.
  2. Market value of the keywords in CPC cost per click the amount of money your competitors are willing to spend.
  3. Competition and difficulty for ranking of the keyword.
  4. Phrase match and related keywords
  5. Voice search, questions and answers keywords
  6. A shortlist of prominent keywords  based on the complete analysis of all influencing factors
  7. Suggested word count for the article to be written
  8. Suggested Meta data title and meta description

Exclusive Suggested Keyword placement

This Exclusive Suggested Keyword placement structure provides crystal clear guidelines to content writer how to:

  1. Structure and plan the article and content before writing it , so that it informs and gains the users trust and leads them to the preferred CTA whether its a buy, download, contact submission or an optin.
  2. How to format the story telling based on the AIDA Marketing funnel keyword placement and User intent
  3. Provide supportive and relevant related keywords to structure the content around for each heading and topic.
  4. Will save the writer tons of time in researching appropriate keywords and topical information for each topic.
  5. This assists the content writer to stay focused on preset and recommended headings which have prominence to the primary keyword.
  6. The Content writer will be glad to work with this exclusive formatted structure.


Competitor keyword and content analysis

  1. The use of keywords in major influencing seo elements
  2. The use of content type and media
  3. Keyword Density
  4. Topical Keyword
  5. Ad copy title and description

Keyword clusters based on:

  1. User intent
  2. Market value of the keyword
  3. Competition
  4. Topical Keywords and keyword prominence
  5. Which keywords to use in headings based on user intent and market value
  6. Keyword suggestions as supporting text for each heading which may naturally fit in the context of the content
  7. Suggestions of content type and media based on competitor analysis
  8. AIDA Marketing funnel keyword placement



The report will be presented in a spreadsheet with tabs for the relevant keyword research

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