Local SEO roundup

Local SEO has become vitally important for local businesses. Here are 10 steps to help you boost your Local SEO strategy. Focus points  Keyword targeting. Technical SEO. Content. Links Content factors for the site Content. Content written preferably by a local | Focused on localised keywords | Mentions of localised businesses and neighborhood Links:  Local …

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Elements to consider when updating old pages which need an update or redesign

Updating old pages which need an update or redesign Meta data 1. Metadata: recheck the current search volume and CPC of keywords being used in these elements and 1.1 update your title accordingly with the primary keyword you have found to be most relevant to your page 1.2 Update your meta description again stick to …

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Digital Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

Digital marketing strategy fundamentals Paid Ads Content – Blogging SEO Marketing Automation Web PR Social Media Analytics Email Marketing Mobile Marketing. Converting landing pages Webinars Videos Sales Tools Lead Management More on:  SEO Key elements: Technical SEO | On-site SEO optimisation | Off-site authority building | Email | Conversion Rate Opimisation

Social Media Strategy

An effective Social Media Strategy for small businesses The importance of social media Marketers confirm Social media marketing is essential for their businesses More than 90% of marketers are engaged in Social media marketing Sales teams using Social media reach their target quotes with these channels of outreach More than 50% of purchasing consumers use Social media …

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