SEO Audit Template

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Presenting your SEO Audit data and metrics to your client can some times be really daunting and look really terrible in xlsx.
Thereby not get the important factors to focus on clearly to the client and their development team.
This template with its easy to read and understand presents the important metrics to the client in an lovely User Interface, which helps them understand various sectors of the seo audit with notifications of what to implement, change and improve and help them pass that critical information to their web development team and content writers.

This SEO Audit template includes:

– Your Basic SEO KPI’s
– More advanced SEO KPI’s- Metrics to gather from:
– Google analytics
– Search Console
– Screaming Frog and much more

Amazing User interface
– Template in Google Docs
– Easy to read metrics to present to your client
– Easy to read notification area’s

SEO Audit Sources
– Aquire various sources of meaningful SEO metrics
– Free tools to generate your SEO metrics
– Resources to advanced SEO Tools

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Download the Bonus SEO Audit road map with Objectives and critical technical SEO factors to further investigate and optimise.