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SEO Content writer evaluation

The guest post should serve as *soft sales page*: an introduction to it , USP, and how it can benefit a trader to entice them to click through to investigate and read more on this page whilst at the same time providing useful content to the published site.

How to evaluate the Guest post for SEO

Eg:          H1          What is ______ and how it works    ~300 words ( Try kick off with a question to maintain interest)

H2           Benefits it provides to a end user     ~100 words

H3           Advantages of using ____                ~60 words

(closure, appetite to use it and a clear message)  to click the product page


How authoritative does it come across as?  –

Does he sound like he knows what he is on about?

And if it sounds as if he cares?

Is the language used easy to understand for our users?
Also if the content is going to get translated in other languages, we need the translators to understand and provide the best translation.

Are the sentences short and concise? – to address the short attention span of people

Is he including links & citations references  to other  high DA site, Wikipedia, Forbes?

Is he providing comments/notes to add images to the site?

Is he asking & answering questions  in a easy to understand manner?

Is he providing options for the metadata?

Is the intro enticing ?Does the intro mention, the formation of the entire article? E.g. in the article it covers this , that  and that.

Is there a clear structure of the article?   intro, body , conclusion?

Is the a clear soft sell to the CTA?

Is there guidance to the CTA?

Is he upholding the brand in his messaging of the copy?