Google Analytics Data collection and configurations

Organising your Analytics accounts Overview and cross domain tracking. There are a number of different ways to organize your Analytics accounts, properties, and views, depending on how your business is organized. Layout Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration For more information: Example account structures Working with multiple trackers About Roll-Up Reporting About cross domain tracking Organize …

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Core fundamentals of Analytics Data

Dimensions and metrics Understand the building blocks of your reports. In this article: Overview Valid dimension-metric combinations How metrics are calculated Attribution models Overview Every report in Analytics is made up of dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are attributes of your data. For example, the dimension City indicates the city, for example, “Paris” or “New York”, …

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Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics for SEO Keywords Geo data Referal urls Time spent on site Bounce rate E-commerce E-commerce Conversion Rate Ecommerce Transactions & Transaction IDs Revenue Average Order Value Unique Purchases Quantity Average Quantity Average Price Product Revenue Per Session Value Ecommerce Data The ecommerce data is made up of transaction data and item data. …

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SEO dashboard

Google Analytics dashboards Find these 8 amazing dashboards 1] Mobile commerce 2] The perfect ecommerce dashboard 3] Site performance dashboard 4] Blogger dashboard 5] Realtime overview dashboard 6] SEO dashboard 7] Content marketing dashboard 8] PPC dashboard And resources to other great GA dashboards.