SEO for YouTube

Youtube Video Checklist

Are you starting or optimising your YouTube Videos for your channel? Get the check list of all the things you need to get started successfully.
Don’t start creating your videos without bearing all these factors in mind.
This list is great especially if there are multiple people creating specific pieces of your video for example,  a content writer, for the script,  a graphic designer for your thumbnails,  a brand coordinator for the messaging and content strategy,  an SEO for promoting the video and optimising the meta data.

Let get started ..

What are the topics?

  • – Keyword topics
  • – Who is writing the scripts
  • – How long are these scripts
  • – What are the guidelines / model we following to creating these videos
  • – How long is these campaign running for / how many topics,

What is the concept for this campaign ?

  • Is it a like a series of topics where one follow the next? Like a mini series?
  • Is it educational type content answering What , why and how’s?
  • or is it just like fancy ad splashes of products? –  for example:
    • Funny
    • Serious
    • Animated
    • Kinetic typography
    • ect
  • Is based off our preexisting content?What is the wow factor?
  • How can it change their lives?
  • Why should people care?

What is the Value you are providing ?

Look at the top 10 result ranking for the keyword you are after, identify their value elements and see how you can improve on that or prove something more which was not mentioned, or a different perspective on it


  • Will it have an campaign intro animation as an identifier to the campaign / series or whatever it is?
  • Will it have video index, to create a interest hook?
  • Will it have a CTA / soft sell
  • Will it Q&A / identify the problem with a solution?
  • Will it have a ice breaker to connect with the viewer
  • Will it encourage engagement to comment
  • Will it have exit animation


Placement of the video in the site?
An alternative promotion of this video campaign in other social media platforms?
Is there a set budget for paid ads?

Content Creation

What is the target duration time of these videos?
Is the CTA in the video or desc.
Is there a specific theme template style to this campaign? In video and thumbnails.
What is the content style, messaging quota, links and CTA in the desc.
Will these be a theme anchor in the title?

What other channels will be involved to assist in promoting it?

News / blog post  announcement


What is the CTA of this video(s)
Is it related to a specific product?
Range of products?
Brand awareness?
Audience grower – subs?
Views collectors?
Viral reach?
Engagement magnet?



Tracking and monitoring

YT Analytics ?